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How convert history from ICQ 5.1. to QIP
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  • Installed QIP
  • Installed ICQ5.1. Or ICQ history files in the same folder structure as original ...ICQLite\HistoryDB
  • "ICQ2QIPHistory" software

 Licence: Freeware
 OS: Win
  1. Run "ICQ2QIP history" software. 
  2. Choose „SETUP“ tabsheet
  3. Section „HistoryDB directory“ - choose path to ICQ history files. WinXP or Win2000 have standard place for this "C:\Documents and Settings\<YOU>\Applicattion Data\ICQLite\HistoryDB“. If you have history files in another folder, change it. But structure of directories must be same as original:
    „...\ ICQhistory folder\ UIN folder send \ UIN folder receive \ XML files with history messages“
    Example: ...\ HistoryDB \ 111111111 \ 222222222 \ 222222222-1206.xml
    Always must be selected folder in „HistoryDB“ level !!!
  4. Section „QIP directory“ - choose path where you have installed QIP program.
  5. Section „Save to folder“ - folder to save converted files. 
    Radiobutton „QIP history“ - converted files are saved into QIP history. He can viewed in QIP history browser. If history file exist, converted messages was added at the end. 
    Radiobutton „Other“ - converted files are saved into another folder.
  6. Choose „Scan“ tabsheet and click „SCAN“ button. In the list „ICQ history files“ are founded history files. If the list is empty, check „HistoryDB“ path.
  7. Table „Found history accounts“ contains send history accounts. Table „Found history messages with“ contains receive messages accounts. Names are filled from QIP contact list.You can change it. If name is empty converted files will be contains UIN.
  8. Choose „Convert“ sheet and click „Convert“ button . End of convert process is indicated "Finish" message.